About The Joy Project

Keep some Joy in your pocket

These are challenging times. Anger, contentious views, intolerance, a once-in-a-century pandemic have affected everyone. With so much negative energy in the air, it’s taken a heavy toll on all of us, personally. To keep my own spirits up, some personal therapy was in order. So, being a designer, I created a series of designs that carry positive messages. The goal is to share the designs in order to put positive energy into the air.

One of these projects is the JOY Project. The idea is simple. Create and share small reminders of Joy — a most positive feeling, with friends, family, and in particular, strangers. Pocket Joy is a simple charm/token that you carry in your pocket, purse, or bag as a reminder. In four years, I’ve handed out over 8,000 Joys to pretty much everyone I meet. I leave them on counters, with gernerous tips, and hand them to underappreciated grocery and restaurant workers, delivery drivers, and baristas. People you see every day but often don’t notice. In return, I’ve received many wonderful smiles and a promise to share extra JOYs with others who need a little Joy in their lives, too.

Making Joy

So that more JOYs are shared, the JOY design is free and available to everyone. If you have a 3D printer, you can make and share JOYs, too. Please do! They’re easy to print, use around 29″ or 2/3 of a meter of filament, and cost about a cent to make. Perfect for that little bit of extra filament at the end of a roll that you never find a use for. Now you have the perfect use. Use bright, happy colors as that’s what JOY is all about. Because JOY is so small (just 32mm) with a fair amount of mass, it’s prone to be knocked loose. Though my printers are well tuned, I find it easiest to use a little glue on a printer bed. Particularly, if you’re running out a lot of them at one time, as I do. And, because JOY is constantly handled, the details and rounded edges can be felt, I suggest a finer layer height like .15 or .16 mm.

Put your 3D printer and your left over filament to work in a positive way. Make it a habit of making and sharing JOYs. I encourage you to spread this positive message far and wide and share the JOY project with 3D printing friends. Visit my Thingiverse or Printables pages to download JOY and other free designs.

About Tim Celeski

Tim Celeski in Port Townsend, Washington

Bio in a Timeline:  Architecture > Jazz Musician >  Graphic Designer  >  Professional Photographer  >  Digital Designer  >  Furniture Maker  >  Fine Artist

It’s simple. I’m driven by a strong desire to explore and create. I like being on the edge. I’ve been fortunate that I’ve been able to make being creative my life and my work. I’m a lifelong designer and artist, maker and learner, fascinated by art, design, craftsmanship, and technology. Most of all, I believe in the power of ideas and love the challenge of putting it all together in ways that can seen, felt and experienced.

– Tim

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